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Nice to meet you! My name is Bernard Jackson, Or BJ, X 4 Business owner of Kr8tiv Habitz LLC which is a Clothing Brand, Professional Photography, Industry Barbering, and Custom Canvas Artist / Shoe Artist all in one company Established in February 27th, 2019. I was born in Riverdale, Ga at Southern Regional on September 13th, raised in College Park. My ethnicity is African American, Mexican, and Aztec Indian! I Graduated from Creekside High school in 2018 and now in College at Atlanta Technical College about to receive my Master Barber License in September. Back in Middle school and highschool l  ran track and played football. In school i have always liked to Dress up and keep up with fashion, therefore I decided to Kr8 Hand painted pieces then everyone was asking where I grabbed my merch from and then I wanted to to open a Clothing Brand which is now, Kr8tiv tiv Habitz LLC! I have been growing my brand since February 27th, 2019. Every day, I have been dedicated to put my time towards my work while staying productive, consistent, and also balanced patience. One of my favorite things is to travel and eat different foods, network and build good relationships along my journey. I am always down to meet new people, and forever be a student. Throughout my daily basis, I produce my work in the best quality I can. My main goal is travel, and most importantly motivate the world. I have realized that all you must do is stay dedicated and keep going until you are satisfied with where you want to be in life. Stay focused and have patience, nothing is handed to you, and it is ONLY you that mold your physical life. If you want change in your life, you must make sacrifices and be firm on your vision, nothing will be handed to you. 


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    Respect in rotation

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    Great work!!!

  • Arthur Mitchell

    I learned a lot. Seeing the impact on others this young man is doing

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